I feel as if you’re human, you have drifted from somebody potentially extremely close to you at one point. The bond that was supposed to be unbreakable has been broken. Best friends have these connections as if their souls were intertwined or so I thought I did. She, no doubt about it, was my best friend and soul sister. I pictured this girl to be with me through our college graduation soirees, inhaling my wedding buffet to eating macaroons in Paris with our pregnant bellies. I feel as if we lost ourselves with one another. Remember this, nothing lasts forever. No matter how many times somebody promises forever. Bonds break and friendships fail. The worst part is realizing when they’re not a part of your life anymore after days of not contacting each other turns into months and eventually years. We’re growing up and what happens is life. I realized I can’t let what had happened to prevent how I open myself up to anyone again. Make a vow to yourself that you will not let one mishap foreshadow your future relationships. I say cheers to frenemies, for they’re the reason you learn to love yourself and control things you thought you could never handle. I found myself when I thought I’d lose myself. They taught me not to take beautiful relationships for granted. Cherish the memories but never ponder on what could’ve been.

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  • Bakbar

    July 13, 2019 at 3:53 am

    OMG I can totally relate!

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