50 Shades of Boulevarding

It’s here! Well, almost. In just a few short weeks, crispy leaves + caramel apples + knit scarves will be taking over. If you’re not a fan of fall and all the shenanigans that tag along with it, I honestly don’t know what to say to you. Not only is it fall, but also boulevarding season at SMU. Orange juice will be pouring in every corner and everyone will be committing the crime of white after labor day. Let’s not forget everyone hiding their actual state of mind behind their shades. I won’t even lie saying I online shopped for hours trying to find the perfect intricate playsuit that corresponded with wedges, for the illusion of endless legs. But then again, what girl didn’t? I don’t know how many people are lucky enough to take college on with their best friends, but I’m lucky (and unfortunate) to have. For the pros, they did give me my personal campus tour, personal “Not-to do’s tour” which included being restricted to ride my mint green bike around campus and luckily have their priorities in check with a mix of adventure on the side. For the cons, they make me maintain a diet in Digg’s/Chick-fil-A/Starbucks every day (freshman fifteen, 3 years late). Fall is going to be a season for the books, especially with my oh so favorite month, October! It’s like the obsession of dressing up at age 5, never goes away. Thank god for having a group vote on costumes or my friends would probably go as cats year after year. Reading my current read on the porch watching leaves falling while burning my tongue on a cup of tea is the one mini-getaway in October that has nothing to do with horror. With scary movie marathons and the new season of AHS, my adoration with freaky weird shows will be continuously fulfilled. The trips planned for fall break including the debate between ACL or hitting the slots at Vegas include countless memories but countless under-eye bags. As for our two other favorite holidays; Thanksgiving and Christmas, that’s still a long way away. Never was into pre-planning. With 50 shades of brown this fall, we’ll see what it has in store.

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