We’re all thankful for family, friends, the life we live, etc. Thanksgiving is the day of gratitude yet some of us skim the whole year without a mere thought of appreciating what we have. I know I don’t live a life I’m technically proud of but I thought just maybe I was living a somewhat righteous life. But then… I binge-watched documentaries, then caught up on some of the news around the world and I can just say that I’ve been living under a rock. All this time, I’ve been caught up with cosmo, what to eat to stay below 110 pounds and the latest style off the streets but that would basically just mean I’m extremely shallow. Which, shocker, I am. I live day by day as a joke and am completely blind to actual babies, dying. Mini populations starving to death, women being accustomed to rape and other grisly inhumane things occurring on a daily basis. I’m immune to the pain they’re feeling. I don’t know if tv, movies and/or the news desensitized me to all that’s happening around the world but it has. You’d never think you’d be caught up in your own life, what this/that means and all the silly things that literally won’t matter in a month, let alone a week. My parents always told me not to get caught up in the whirlwind of the foolish present and I never listened. I always perceived my problems as the end of the world and until now, I still do. When they say millennials need a reality check, I agree. Well not all, maybe just a handful of them which I’m a part of. What is important to a typical college girl? Well, here’s my mind segmented into portions of importance:

Appearance: Appearance is an important factor to your happiness, don’t get me wrong. But don’t let it consume you. I’m guilty over obsessing over the way I look. HA, Such a joke. Take care of yourself and be happy in the skin you’re in. Shop but not to impress others. Primp yourself but not to just grab the attention of others. Stay fit not just to impress the opposite sex. Do it for you and only you. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who will reek the benefits.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is all about what you perceive it to be. If there’s a lifestyle you want to live, work for it but don’t make every element of your life correspond to the “lifestyle” you’re trying to portray. I need to teach myself to live in moderation. Temperance is key.

Memories: Memories are extremely important to me but I do the most deranged things for the sake of having a memory. Don’t lose your dignity to make a memorable story. Make memories but make sure your heart, soul, and mind are into it also

School: Should always be important. Not the most impelling until you understand it or it clicks but at the end of the day, we walk out with our degrees backed up by our knowledge. What we don’t walk out with are the cute smirks from the boys in your class. Priorities, Priorities, Priorities.

Boys: We like to believe we don’t care for boys, which some of us really don’t. I for one, don’t think I’ll ever take boys seriously, it has to do with my immaturity level. Still waiting on the day I grow up, hopefully, sooner than later. But it might just be a blessing in disguise because I can focus on bigger and better things. For the ones who do, just make sure you don’t lose focus.

Friends/Family: They’re my life, literally. I love them to death and always will. Just like your lifestyle, you have to learn to live in moderation and balance. Even with friends and family, they’re a huge part of your life but not your life. Make sure to give time for yourself.

What should be important to me that isn’t

Morals: I want to be righteous, I really do. I know I’m far from it but it all starts with a want. From there, you push it to a need and live your life day by day with what your heart tells you is the virtuous thing to do.

The World: I’m so caught up in what’s happening in my little century but we’re born human. We need to care for each other, love each other and cherish each other. If someone needs help, we should help. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on, we should lend a shoulder. I have to stop excluding myself, life’s too short to say you’ll help one day. Look at me, I’ve been saying it for years now. When they say you need to start now, it’s because we’re the species of procrastination.

Appreciation: I need to learn to appreciate it. I never do. I don’t even know how to appreciate myself and how can you appreciate this world and what it has to offer if you can’t even appreciate the basic foundation of life, you.

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for but I have to give a lot of thanks. I want to thank the people who have already lent their helping hands and always have. The ones who do good with no expectation of anything in return. The ones who truly care about this world and the species residing in it. There’s not very many like you in this world anymore, we’re caught up in distractions. You were wise enough to not be distracted by them. And of course, a huge thank you, to the one and only, my mom. Your savoir-faire makes you seem literally indispensable in anything life has thrown our way. I adore you for everything you do. I promise I won’t be thankful for just shopping sprees this year. Oh and huge thanks for forcing me to go to Amman in December. A culture shock I’ll definitely need a dose of. Thanks to my best friends, without you, I wouldn’t know what making a complete idiot out of ourselves would look like. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because what’s life without our endless giggles, horrible (like literally the worst) jokes, endless rants and motivational speeches to each other. I don’t care how lame it would be to quote “Blessed with the best” because hello, I am! And for that, I need to give back in return.