It’s the best part of the year again, almost! My favorite trin of months: October, November, December. I really don’t understand how people don’t get a natural high when these months roll around. I’m Muslim and I still get more excited than most. The sweaters that feel like fuzzy blankets and boots come out to play. The drinks that warm your insides with sweet marshmallows are at every green logo menu. The appreciation of your pale skin and the pink-tinted nose is finally apparent. As is everything in between.

It might not be October yet, but September has been a great pre-month. I’m officially a full-time employee and it’s not as “oh my god, 9-5s are the worst” as I thought it would be. Yeah, it gets repetitive, but school was repetitive. Life is repetitive, you just teach yourself to find something new to appreciate every day. I’m not saying settle with what you have but work with what you got and be thankful. I like consistency, that’s what makes my life feel like it’s not a whirlwind. A day in the life of Farah’s weekday goes like this:

Farah’s Agenda

  • 6:30 a.m. Wake up, scroll through insta and like quotes/outfit inspo, wash my face w/ the best smelling face wash ever (philosophy) and moisturize with its twin moisturizer. (Refuse to skip out on moisturizer even if wrinkles mean happiness)
  • Throw on an outfit that doesn’t make me feel like a bum but doesn’t make me feel like I’m restricting my focus and airways.
  • Eat the same breakfast daily (belvita cinnamon brown sugar cookies) and dip them in my French vanilla coffee. If I’m feeling high maintenance, I’ll go to Starbs, (skinny caramel macchiato + extra shot, spinach feta wrap). That’s rare give and take the amount of sugar and dollars I poured into that during my college career.
  • Try a new lunch place daily (Thai, sushi, Hibachi, American, 7-Eleven)
  • Get a sugar-free red bull to pick me up and work until 5 before heading to Lifetime for a cycling class. Finish it off with the Sauna until I physically can’t sweat anymore. The perfect little de-stressor. Nothing is better than hopping into bed freshly showered, feeling healthy and powder fresh.
  • 11:00 p.m. Turn the ‘do not disturb’ on the girl’s gm and binge-watch the show I’ve been addicted to until I fall asleep. (At the moment, Handsmaid Tale and Shameless)

It’s weird to think I call this a schedule when it’s only been a month, but something feels off when I skip the gym, or I don’t eat my belvita cookies for breakfast. Yeah, yea, ya. Drama queen. But what’s even weirder to think is eventually all routines change. When you live on your own, when you get married when you have a child. You have to switch out your cycling classes for taking your daughter to ballet lessons or make dinner for the family b/c take out 3 days in a row isn’t an option. @futurehusband, like I get I just married you, but the morning is for my coffee and me? You can drink coffee w/ me if you have a book to read. As for weekends, I swear a new thing pops up every weekend to spice up my life.

Anyways, back to the start of my favorite trio. October, I’ve been waiting for you since November 1st. Like I can’t, it’s not just the fact that I love dressing up and pulling a Vanessa Hudgens October Obsessive disorder annually. It truly has the best memories. My sister and I sit around and watch Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and all the good stuff. We’re both obsessed. My mom buys candy for the cute lil trick-or-treaters and a bag for us because she knows we’ll just pick out the good candy and screw over the cuties. But we never left them tootsie rolls or those Halloween pretzel bags, we’re not that heartless. You know who is heartless though, my devilish friends. They don’t appreciate October or Halloween. They’re sweet though, they’ll dress up even if it means throwing just a hat on. As for what I’m going to be this year, I’m going to be a cat. Just kidding, imagine. I have a unique idea but let’s see if I can find the DIY parts in time. I’ll give you a hint, it’s very retro. Also, I have to check off this checklist.

Fall Checklist

  • Pave the way to a pumpkin patch (I’ve never been, and I’ve never carved a Pumpkin, I wonder if this makes me a hypocrite. Okay, maybe I’m going for the pictures, but I will carve a pumpkin)
  • Go Fall: Get orange nails (they can be almond shaped so I’m pulling a Kylie Jenner but got to be in that fall spirit), get auburn lowlights, experiment with darker browns for lip color.
  • Head to a Haunted Hay Ride/Haunted House: (Note to self: Just because you bring somebody bigger than you doesn’t mean they’re less scared than you)
  • Watch the New Halloween (Jamie Lee Curtis is back, and it comes out Oct. 19. You’re welcome, I know I would want to know if Jason dies or not)
  • Go to the State Fair (these months are all about indulging, and I’ve never been to the State Fair. So, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and turkey legs are on the agenda)
  • Host or attend a Halloween based event whether that be a spooky dinner, party or festival.
  • Take a fall road trip, whether that be to NOLA or merely Austin. Just enjoy a different city and what it has to offer for a weekend with people you adore.
  • Read and complete a book, can be fictional or self-help. You choose. (Near a fireplace with warm vanilla scented candles doesn’t hurt)
  • Promise to write more/blog more. (it’s my favorite thing to do, having ‘no time’ isn’t an excuse)

It’s going to be great, my first year as a big girl. Still have the checklist of a little girl but it’s always better to have the best of both worlds.