When you don’t have the Container Store or California Closets offering to renovate for you, it’s time to DIY. I wouldn’t say I’m OCD as a person but when it comes to organization, I’m 100% OCD. The thing is organization isn’t about perfection.

Organization is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life

I just find a sense of relief and order when all my belongings are organized in a neat and efficient way. Like if it’s 6 am, I don’t have time to rummage through piles of clothes or a drawer filled with makeup. Whether I’m looking for my bb cream in the shade vanilla or my beige flats with that bow, I want to know where they are at an exact designated spot. I found that when it comes to organization, it’s a struggle to balance having plenty of things and being simply organized. But when you’ve been trying out different ways of organizing your things your whole life, you develop a system that works best for you. I’m here to share the tips and tricks of what I do to organize my belongings (bedroom closet edition) and I’ve attached some PP’s (Pinterest photos) for your own aesthetic gratification.


Main Closet

When it comes to closets, there’s a broad range of sizes. However, whenever it comes to organizing your things, you can organize them the same way just opting for racks and double hangers when closet space is minimal. As well as out of closet storage including purse shelves, shoe shelves and extra baskets.

I like to organize my clothes based on color and season. The benefits of this is finding an exact color and style to match what you’re trying to go for based on the weather and event. Also, make sure all the hangers are consistent and the same design like these ones. It’ll do wonders.

Side note: Everything in my room including apparel, shoes and accessories are color coded from Bergundy, Red, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Light Green, Olive Green, Light Blue, Navy blue, Purple, Beige, White, Grey, Black.


Shirts on one rack (organized by length, left to right):
Crops <- Cami’s <- Short sleeves <- Quarter Sleeves <- Long sleeves

Dresses on one rack (organized by length, left to right):
Formal dresses<- Sweater dresses <- Going out dresses <- Work dresses <- Casual dresses/sundresses

Jackets on one rack (organized by season and bulk):
Winter Peacoats/Raincoats <- Bomber jackets <- Leather jackets<- Hoodies <- Thick cardigans <- Mini cardigans

Pants folded on shelf or hung (organized by material, style, most worn):
Boyfriend jeans <- Party pants <- Leather jeans <- Skinny jeans <- Work pants <- Everyday jeans

Skirts folded on shelf or hung (organized by style and bulk):
Formal skirts <- Maxi skirts <- Jeans skirts <- Mini skirts <- Embellished skirts

Shoes on rack or closet floor (organized by style and season):
Rainboots <- Knee-high boots <- Booties <- Closed toed shoes <- Closed toed heels <- Flats <-Open toed heels <- Sandals <- Slip-ons <- Everyday shoes

Bags on closet door or separate rack (organized by size and style):
Backpacks/Large Bags <- Medium Sized Bags <- Satchels <- Clutches


 Workout Gear
(Dresser or Separate Rack/Closet)

Side note: I like to separate my workout gear from the rest of my closet just because I am running to and from the gym and don’t like having to dig through my closet for it.

Workout gear bottoms (organized by type):
Workout shorts <- Workout skirts <-Black leggings <- Patterned leggings

Workout gear tops (organized by length):
Razor tanks <- Tees <- Thermal long sleeves <- Zip-ups <- Hoodies

Sports bras (organized only by color)

Workout shoes (organized by brand and type like running/cycling)



Side note: You can get organizers for your drawers for these on Amazon.

Bras in drawer (organized by design):
Lace <- Silk <- Bralettes <- Everyday

Underwear in drawer (organized by style):
Boyshorts <- Cheekies <- Thick thongs <- Thin thongs

Socks in drawer (organized by length):
High socks <- Fuzzy socks <- Ankle socks <- Showless socks

Tights in drawer (organized by style):
Patterned tights <- Opaque tights <-Sheer tights


(Dresser or Vanity)

Sunglasses in sunglass organizer (organized by style):
Big shades (circle) <- Big shades (square) <- small shades (circle) <- small shades (square)

Necklaces/Bracelets on jewelry hang stand/box/organizer (organized by style):
Necklaces <- Bracelets <- Rings

Belts in drawer (organized by style):
Bulky/wide belts <- Festival/chain-like belts <- thin belts

Scarves in drawer (organized by only color)

Hats in drawer or hung (organized by style):
Floppy Hats <- Fedoras <- Baseball Caps



 Pajama sets <- Tees and comfy shorts <- Pajama dresses

Bathing Suits 

 Cover ups <- One-pieces <- Tankinis <- Bikinis