Dear Modern Muslim,

I can relate to your latest blog post, but not in the same aspect. I have a struggle on staying motivated whether it’s towards a goal in my life or just in my general weekly routine. What are some tips you would recommend that would engage me to stay positive, motivated, and more so proactive?

Dear Anonymous,
Trust me when I say I’ve tried a million and one things from planners, wallpaper motivational quotes, to medication to isolating myself. I’ve found there isn’t one solution but a mixture of things depending on who you are that helps me stay on track. Even if I do fall off and have a “keep my brain turned off” day, I use these tactics to help me get back to my boss babe vibes.

Declutter: My main thing is decluttering everything from my space to my head. When you’re worried about laundry, dishes, and everything else in between, you’re already partially checked out. Focus on keeping an organized workspace/home so you can clean quickly and get back to work. I read The Home Edit to help organize my space. I declutter my head by consistently reflecting on myself and who I want to be. Whether that’s due to books or podcasts or talking to people I admire, I’m able to be more tune in myself. This allows me not to distract myself with nonsense or get anxious over silly things.

Breaks vs. Distractions: People always assume you can’t take breaks or enjoy yourself if you’re focused because it’ll be a distraction, but have they ever heard of the 80/20 rule. You can’t be fully-invested if you’re consistently trying to focus, take a break, and hang with friends or go out and do something that makes you feel like you’re wasting your life. It can be useful for you and help you stay mentally refreshed and or even inspired. However, some distractions can demotivate you and keep a tab on which those are. It’s better to detach or minimize those because it can eventually get you fully off-track. But if you’re practicing 80/20, you should be a-okay.

Todoist: This is my holy grail. I use Todoist to keep my goals on track, whether it’s fitness goals, routine facial consistency, reading books, etc. I’ll set up what I think is reasonable. I don’t shoot for the stars on these weekly goals because I will be demotivated but set deadlines and hold myself accountable for not staying on task. It helps you keep track of everything and prioritize in a straightforward app, color-coded, and will send notifications. (P.S. totally willing to share my Todoist layout if you need help creating one)

Body/Mind Care: I know it’s cliché, but it really does wonders when you’re out there staying on a consistent yoga routine, taking your vitamins every day, and using some time in your day to self-reflect and be kind to yourself. Be sweet to your soul and to your body because if you don’t, it’ll reflect in the way you do things and be a domino effect

Pro-Tips: Persona Vitamins lets you take a quiz to answer all your concerns and sends you a monthly vitamin package, and my energy level has been amazing, and my hair has been growing (off topic but who doesn’t love that)

A journal or a blog to self-reflect how you’re feeling or why you’re feeling and get to the root of the cause. If you’re feeling down, Pinterest self-care pictures, and you’ll see 1,0001 ideas to cheer yourself up.