Who would’ve thought a quarantine would be the thing to regulate my daily routine, well. I mean, no outdoor distractions or FOMO, social distancing and being homebound is allowing me to start great habits. Here’s a day in the life for Quarantine Qutub.

9:00 am: Wake up, wash face with Ole Henrikson The Clean Truth Foaming Facewash (I swear by this facewash, brightens your face to look like the sun from Teletubbies), brush my teeth with that 3D Crest whitening tooth paste and Waterpik Toothbrush (for those of you that multi-task any chance you get, floss while you brush your teeth)

10:00 am: After those morning meetings, get on To-doist and mark off the things I need to be done for the day, whether it’s personal or work-related

11:00 am: Yes, I usually make coffee this late, or around 10:30 am, and I swear by Café Escapes, Cafe Vanilla if you love semi-sweet vanilla lattés. It’s my latest addiction and saves me on uber eats-ing starbs every day. Take my vitamins; I use Persona to pinpoint my pain points and give me a personalized vitamin package daily.

Education Hour

I use this time to brush up on the latest marketing trends, catch up on emails I missed. Typically play some podcasts in the background. Depending on the mood, I listen to Crime Junkie if I’m feeling true crime. Call her Daddy if I’m feeling like funny real-life girl advice. For self-care, I’ve tried The Happiness Lab but I did zone out of it, so I resorted to Apple books and am currently reading “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattle. Game-Changer, especially if you are trying to control things in your life, it teaches you to learn how to care for yourself instead.

12:00 pm: During my lunch, I will usually go to the downstairs workout room and do my 30-minute workout. No cardio, because I hate getting super sweaty then going right back to work. So this is what I do to tone and barely break a sweat:

Mini Daily Workout
  • Russian Twist, 2x of 100 with a 3lb dumbell (I do more reps than weight, so I tone vs. bulk)
  • Plank, 1 minute
  • Side Plank, 15x each side
  • Leg raises, 2x of 20
  • Weighted Boat/Canoe, 3lbs x 1 minute
  • Resistance Band Fire Hydrants (Hardest Color), 30x each leg
  • Resistance Band, Kick Backs (Hardest Color), 30x each leg
  • Resistance Band, Squats (Hardest Color), 50-100 reps

If you don’t have any gear at home, as I did, just purchase necessities. I bought a mat, a mini dumbell rack, resistance bands, hand towels, amazon echo to get started. As well as a rack to place my shoes and resistance bands, so everything is in one spot, in case you’re OCD like me

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Post body shower and quick lunch, I’ll get back to work and knock out what I need to get done for the day.

5:30 pm: Tidy up the home office and my room before I go on a daily walk with my mother to talk about life and everything else that’s been on our minds. We all know that fresh air just hits different during this quarantine

6:00 pm: Come home, make dinner with my mother. Something healthy due to the 30 calories we just burned walking around the neighborhood

7:00 pm: Catch up on all things prayer, work, personal related.

8:00 pm: Start a nightly routine and play my Sonos nightly playlist. If you want a great speaker that autotunes to your room so nobody outside your room could hear the song and has Alexa/Google Assistant, Sonos One is your girl. Then I start my nightly beauty routine.

Nightly Beauty Routine

9:00 pm: Either watch the latest series on Netflix, finished Tiger King in like 36 hours. Always open for recommendations, send me some or ask for some here. Read, blog, play Animals Crossing.

10:00 pm: Take my 5mg of Melatonin and start dimming the screen of my iPad for whatever episode I’m watching. Drink whatever tea my mom made for the night. It rotates between cinnamon (for bloating), chamomile (for relaxing) or decaf (for sipping purposes). I’ll sip until I fall asleep.