When it comes to toxic habits, relationships or self-sabotaging thinking, it probably feels impossible to escape from the darkness. Remember that feeling when we were younger, that pure happiness. What if you could have it again? Here’s a Toodaloo Toxicity 8-Step Plan to help you radiate from within and get rid of all that darkness.

Toodaloo Toxicity 8-Step Plan

1. Admit Defeat: Admit to yourself that whenever that cupcake pops up or that text bubble with his name shows up on your phone, your automatic reflex is to just succumb to your weakness. Whatever it is, refuse denial and just admit to yourself that you’re powerless. When you give up and become powerless, you are able to receive the power to change yourself.

2. Release Control: Relinquish all control of yourself to the greater good, God. You can’t do it yourself and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t let others, bad habits or anything else control you either. This is where your plan starts to focus, talk to God. Tell him what your purpose and a plan that takes into account your needs, wants, desires, abilities, talents, and feelings.

3. Self-Reflection: Look at yourself in an honest, non-judging or criticizing point of view. Examine your hurt, the way you hate on yourself rather than love, and accept yourself for who you are. Maybe you are insecure and feel as if nobody will love you as your ex did. Maybe that cupcake makes you feel better for the time-being but you won’t accept that it’s only for a short-period. Actually, accept it. Don’t say you do and then judge yourself when you’re feeling down. You don’t have to love your negative, self destructive traits but understand them and don’t be so hard on yourself. This helps you start on the road to change.

4. Admit & Remove: Once you admit to yourself, God and somebody you trust with your mistakes, you don’t have to hide in your bubble or feel like a fraud.

Tell your worst, most shameful secrets to a trusted person skilled in listening. Tell someone how hurt and angry you are. Someone listens. Someone cares. You will be forgiven. Wounds begin to heal. People forgive. You will feel free

Melody Beattie

Rid yourself of those negative feelings that have been hurting you as well as others. Become willing to change and have faith in God to remove your shortcomings.

6. Guilt-less: If you have a guilty conscious, you can help get rid of it by creating a list of people you’ve harmed and are willing to make amends with. This is difficult, let’s say you’re happy without those people but you feel guilty for how things ended. You can apologize for the situation or the way things turned out. That ego only goes so far and these little things could help you feel happier for the rest of your life. Whether they accept your apologies or not, you are changing for you.

7. Continued Growth: Continue to watch yourself and evaluate your behavior. Which behavior you like and feel good about, and give yourself credit. Thank God and keep going. The behavior that you don’t like and which you continue fight to get rid of, then get rid of it without feeling guilty. It’s natural that you will, just accept it and move on.

8. Toodaloo Toxicity: Think, Detach, then Pray. Learn to trust god to steer our lives in the right direction. Learn to trust yourself and with this, apply it to all aspects of your life, it should work in all areas. You will shine and radiate from within.