From my experience, two traits that are hard to come by but are absolutely essential; communication and honesty. So many people bottle up emotions yet believe they are being upfront, but are they really? Let me tell you, assuming the obvious passive aggressive clues you sprinkled here and there for them to get the hint without being able to communicate it does not count as honesty. Neither does staying silent in the fear of being looked at differently or quite frankly, because you don’t care enough. Riddle me this, humans value honesty yet fail to be honest with themselves. I don’t blame them, it’s really hard to be able to be honest with yourself, let alone being honest with others. But we all know the cliché phrase, it starts with yourself. Yep, it applies here.

You want honesty, but can you handle it?

To me, the 2020 trend is being silent and waiting for things to go away but that’s not the way to handle things. Communicating and trying to get advice from third parties won’t solve the problem either, I promise you. I prefer to be honest with myself and I like to be honest with the relationships in my life. I’ve grown to learn that many people can’t take the truth but not once, did somebody not care for it. They want to know how you feel, only if it doesn’t tear away at their character. Of course, there’s a fine line in delivery as well estimating how much the other party can withstand but if you’re communicating your intentions and feelings, it shouldn’t be pushed to the side. To be honest with people requires a lot of bravery but also patience, you are showing your most vulnerable side in order to help them understand you better and to salvage the relationship. How you deliver it is essential because adults still get in defense mode when in reality, they should take it as a lesson to understand the person better.

“When someone isn’t entirely honest, I always felt like they’re robbing me. They’re stealing me the opportunity to understand, to fix it, to make it better.”

– Alex Barrera

When people silently wait for things to disappear, or avoid situations like these at all costs because they’re uncomfortable, it’s holding them back a lot more than you think. Relationships need transparency, honesty and good communication. If you’re bottling up emotions and not explaining to the other party what your truth is, you’re not helping them do better.

Ask yourself, can you honestly handle honesty? It starts with being honest with yourself and building enough courage to sharing honesty within your relationships. Once you get the hang of it, it all starts falling into place. Let me tell you, relationships become a lot more genuine once you do. One thing I learned is to not feel bad for saying how you feel, it takes a lot of courage to do so. Learning a way to deliver these emotions at the right time and right place is key. Life is too short, build everlasting relationships with the ones who are willing to take the time to understand you.