My name is Farah and I’m just an Arab-American girl residing in Dallas, Texas. I’m dedicating my twenties to jotting my thoughts living as a modern Arab in the U.S. in order to be a type of contentment, not just for myself. Just another blogger, right? I could be, but my hopes are that the entries of my blog that I share with you will notably delight you in the slightest form.

I created A Modern Muslim as a place to lose yourself in my personal posts, fashion and beauty tips and everything in between. You might find yourself relating to some posts whether it’s derived from your love triangle, social circle, family affairs or your school sanctuary. On the other hand, – you might disagree with my inner thoughts and ways.

Maybe you’re curious on how a modern muslim girl residing in America lives her life or just need an idea on what to wear to the villas in Santorini . Either way, you’re in tune with yourself. Writing for me is my self-fulfillment. My hopes are for your self-satisfaction and bliss