Fall semester starts tomorrow and as a 5th year, all your excitement is at a standstill. You’re happy you’re not in the real world yet because you haven’t done enough internships to not mess anything up but at the same time, the knowledge of students being a whole four years younger than you is depressing. I do however appreciate how freshman girls motivate me to throw on jeans and mascara instead of just wearing an oversized sweatshirt. I didn’t travel at all this summer, not even a road trip to Austin. n.o.t.h.i.n.g. I usually am already shopping for chic planners, Warby Parker glasses to pretend I’m studious but there is no enthusiasm left in me. The good thing is you never get bored looking at SMU, it truly is a beautiful campus. Especially, when it becomes fall is when it looks like a postcard from London. Unfortunately, the food choices are a little cringe-worthy, you either get chubby eating chick-fil-a nuggets year round or go broke buying POK every day. Also, how do you juggle 18 hours, a workout regime, maintain showered and have friends. You don’t but don’t skip the showers unless you know you’re not seeing anybody impo. Something so bittersweet about starting the school year again. Especially the fact that it’s my very last school year, I have to make every boulevard, morning Starbucks and post class tacos count. Cheers to my girls, we’re gonna have a memorable year or maybe not so memorable.

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