• Handling Honesty

    farahqutub July 27, 2020

    From my experience, two traits that are hard to come by but are absolutely essential; communication and honesty. So many people bottle up emotions yet believe they are being upfront, but are they really? Let me tell you, assuming the obvious passive aggressive clues you sprinkled here and there for them to get the hint without being able to communicate it does not count as honesty. Neither does staying silent…

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  • Ask Modern Muslim: Rejection

    farahqutub June 4, 2020

    Dear Modern Muslim, “How do you deal with rejection from men? That’s really been getting to be recently and it makes you question your self-worth.“ Dear Anonymous, Rejection can be tough and a huge blow to your self-esteem, so trust me when I say I…

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  • Toodaloo Toxicity, 8-Step Plan

    farahqutub April 13, 2020

    When it comes to toxic habits, relationships or self-sabotaging thinking, it probably feels impossible to escape from the darkness. Remember that feeling when we were younger, that pure happiness. What if you could have it again? Here’s a Toodaloo Toxicity 8-Step Plan to help you…

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  • COVID-19 Cabin Fever

    farahqutub April 1, 2020

    15 years later, I finally decided to recreate my dad’s old office that sits right next to my bedroom. Who knew an engineer could have so many old school monitors paired with handwritten scribbles on a yellow notepad labeled 10/06/97. We had a pure fax…

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  • Quarantine Agenda

    farahqutub March 30, 2020

    Who would’ve thought a quarantine would be the thing to regulate my daily routine, well. I mean, no outdoor distractions or FOMO, social distancing and being home bound is allowing me to start great habits. Here’s a day in the life for Quarantine Qutub.

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  • Ask Modern Muslim: Motivation

    farahqutub March 13, 2020

    Dear Modern Muslim, “I can relate to your latest blog post, but not in the same aspect. I have a struggle on staying motivated whether it’s towards a goal in my life or just in my general weekly routine. What are some tips you would…

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  • Making My Muse

    farahqutub December 13, 2019

    Have you ever been guilty of consistently keeping yourself busy so you wouldn’t have to be alone with your thoughts for 15+ minutes? Whether that’s dealing with small talk in social circles, activities that don’t require any mental willpower, jumping from relationship to relationship and…

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  • Fly Assumption Airlines

    farahqutub February 18, 2019

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Assumption Airlines. My name is Farah Qutub and I’ll be your flight attendant. I hope you all have your assumptions stowed away; All you need is incomplete information about a situation, an unwillingness to ask the questions you…

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  • Say “Yes” to Self-Reflection

    farahqutub December 5, 2018

    When we’re so caught up making our coffee’s on the go, replying to our everyday good morning texts, doing our morning routine, we live our lives on autopilot. We prioritize things that need to get done that day and push the not so important errands…

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  • The Trin of Months

    farahqutub September 11, 2018

    It’s the best part of the year again, almost! My favorite trin of months: October, November, December. I really don’t understand how people don’t get a natural high when these months roll around. I’m Muslim and I still get more excited than most. The sweaters…

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