I haven’t written in months but that’s how unquestionably busy I’ve been. To start off, my soul mate/confidante/sidekick has officially graduated and off to do the world of journalism some justice. I’ve been on the sidelines watching her grow up since the very day we met at an Ashley Tisdale concert. She did it! Who would’ve thought that we’d be graduating with the same major at a beautiful campus in the heart of Dallas. The only depressing component of it all is not being able to have a study buddy for my late nights at Fondy. I guess I’ll suck it up, only one semester left anyways. (Just means instead of calling uber eats for East Hamptons at the library, I’ll call you)

I finished finals, 48 hours in a year, an internship and have maintained to keep my GPA above a 3.7, so I guess we can say 2017 was somewhat productive.

Hold your gasps, there’s even worthier news. My dad is officially moving back to Dallas! Connecticut is too frosty and not in a winter wonderland type of way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you dad! Dallas is happy to have you back but not as overjoyed as I am, welcome home! We missed your speeches on “Work hard, play hard.” You think you can pick up some lauderee from NYC real quick before you come back?

This past week, I became a step closer to my life goals. It started off when I literally pulled into the wrong building for an interview. I ran my butt off in my glossy black flats through downtown Dallas to the D Magazine building and walked in as if I was a regular. Luckily, it was around 45 degrees so the suited man at the front desk didn’t notice any beads of sweat. I head up to the 21st floor frantically fixing my flyaways through the elevator mirror. I walked out and assume I was going to be greeted by a Devil Wears Prada assistant and meet a rigid/hard-core editor, complete 180. When I say the atmosphere and people were as welcoming as my family during Thanksgiving, they were. I officially start my dream internship next semester at D Magazine and to say I’m ecstatic is an understatement. I am interning at D CEO and can’t wait to learn the world of business (Dallas edition). Let’s hope I don’t spill coffee all over my sweater on the first day.

As for my personal life, I feel as if it’s synced with all the other fragments of my life. All positive. I learned to keep toxic people out and became more welcoming to the genuine filled ones. It’s difficult to push away your comfort zones even when you understand it’s godawful for you. When you let go of the animosity, everything else follows. Thankfully, it becomes effortless over time.

I am at a time where I truly am thankful for everything. It takes some growing up to understand what you should value but it’s getting pieced together sooner than I thought.

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