Fall is basically here! You know I’m falling behind when I still have a puffy fur jacket in my closet. I’m not freezing my butt in Aspen anytime soon so that needs to go.

Tailgates (or boulevards), fall brunches, pumpkin patches, haunted houses and all these fall festivities are around the corner but what to wear to them is the major question. I compiled a few of my favorite go-to’s for every fall activity.

Tailgates + Football Games: So a major key is to dress comfortably but also cute. You’re going to spend the majority of your time stuffing your face with hot dogs and chugging beer.

Depending on your team/school, the colors you wear play a major role. Unless you’re trying to match the rest of your student body, forget the typical rompers or the off the shoulder tops. You can either a) Rock your school’s jersey with a destroyed denim jacket and pair it with some leather leggings. B) Be chic and layer your a sweater repping your team with a collared shirt underneath. Add a pleaded skirt to the mix and some wedged booties and voila!

Fall Brunches: My absolute favorite. Who doesn’t love a vanilla latté and sweet waffles during crisp fall air. If you’re just going for a casual brunch, a) slip into some boyfriend jeans and throw on a cropped white tee. Plop a wool fedora on your head and some pointy heels. If you’re trying to impress that cute boy, b) don’t pull out the overhaul dress just yet. Go for the classic sweater dress and some knee-high boots. If the temperature is extra chilly, pair with some sheer tights and a trenchcoat.

Pumpkin Patches + Haunted Houses: When it comes to actually being active and running away from scary clowns or doing heavy labor in picking out pumpkins, you need some versatile clothing. You could opt for the oversized plaid button-up but why would you. For the pumpkin patch, a) pick out a neutral toned graphic tee and pair it with a wool cardigan. Throw on a casual corduroy skirt and some leather booties and you have yourself an adorable insta pic. For the haunted houses, give and take you’ll probably fall I’d go for b) Get yourself some comfy body-hugging jeans (black, grey or white) and pair it with any fall colored knit sweater! You’ll be comfy while you’re screaming, it’s perfect.

College Life/Every day: Picking outfits for everyday is always the most difficult for me. I always end up slipping into the most basic “workout” outfits and regret it. So here’s to the girls who actually put in the effort, I applaud you. My go-to if I had your willpower would be a) a tight longsleeved sweater with some mesh leggings and any go-to sneaker. Whether that be puma’s, reeboks or Adidas’s. b) A loose long sleeved cotton shirt paired with a puffy vest (sometimes acceptable), leggings of your choice and some slip-on shoes. Top it off with a ball cap and you’re officially “carefree”. c) Of course, sometimes you have to present at school or you’re going to a coffee shop with your study group. I’d get some tie-up pointy flats and layer a wrap around sweater with an oversized cardigan and go back to the leather leggings.

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