Fly Assumption Airlines

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Assumption Airlines. My name is Farah Qutub and I’ll be your flight attendant. I hope you all have your assumptions stowed away; All you need is incomplete information about a situation, an unwillingness to ask the questions you need to complete the information, and with that absence of complete information, you get to just fill in the blanks yourself! 

Fasten your seat belts.

I see the dad seated comfortably in business class is starting to regret his career path because his babies are officially college students residing across the country and his wife has learned to live without him.

The college gal who wore lashes and a skirt for this 2-hour plane ride is most definitely trying too hard and refuses to be seen not looking her best.

The guy with the latest kicks, joggers, and AirPods is getting anxious because he can’t purchase inflight wifi yet to continue his dm’s with every girl on insta.

The mom with the Louis bag that just Clorox wiped her seat just popped a Xanax she bought from the street. 

Disclaimer: The above are actual humans on this flight to D.C. but associated with completely false (and offensive) assumptions.

I wonder if it gets old, assuming. Always trying to put a face to a persona. The damage is offensive for mere strangers on a plane, imagine the damage for people you’re emotionally and personally connected with. Humans. We’re constantly assuming. Whether it’s strangers or the closest ones to you. We’re assuming based on classic perceptions or wanting to believe they are this way because your mind says so. God forbid, your assumptions are incorrect. 

That’s the thing, people assume because they feel entitled to their opinions. By assuming, you’re straight-up sticking to a negative mindset. It makes you toxic to not only yourself but to others by lashing out with no logical reasoning. You’re just hiding behind your own version of a story.

Trying to rationalize with somebody who constantly makes assumptions will forever be mission impossible, take my word for it. Whatever you do won’t make them happy because they’re not internally happy themselves.

They’ll rip you up with negative connotations of yourself because of something you did/said. They’ll do their best to persuade others about your cons because they’re too weak to handle things on their own and need others to agree with them for their own self-validation. They’ll refuse to have a grown-up conversation because they can’t stand confrontation and are content with believing their version of the story. 

Now, I can keep on going but let’s go back to assuming. Am I assuming all people who make assumptions are the above because of personal experience? As much as I’d like to say “No? That’s definitely how entitled assumption-loving people are!” I can’t ethically say that. No matter how much I want to believe a person is based on my assumptions and beliefs, it’s ALL assumptions. At the end of the day, there’s no basis. Here’s why, you don’t know the person or their purpose, reasoning or inner thoughts to believe they’re the way they are. The only person who knows is themselves. As much as we all know there’s an easy way out and it’s to ask questions before jumping to conclusions, it’s not all that simple because we don’t control everybody’s mindsets.  

The only way we truly can control assumptions is not to bother with them. Stop caring about who assumes what because it’s a forever thing. You know yourself, your morals and your values. Let the ones who think they’re right about you, think they’re right. Like you go glen coco, you officially solved the case of your own personal brain game against yourself. 

What you can do is teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce. The moment you stop allowing anybody to get into your head and affect your mindset, the moment you’re growing internally. The moment you stop caring what anybody has to say and to who, the moment you’re strongest. The moment you reinforce your stance and be yourself, the moment you’re officially free. 

Thanks for flying Assumption Airlines

I hope to never see you again. 

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