Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 Fun Trends

2 words, Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022: Provocative and Avant Garde. The dynamic duo is bound to jumpstart fashion statements worldwide. Can’t wait to see it.

Key Takeaways | PFW Spring/Summer 2022

  • Micro mini skirts are in. Ruffles, khaki, lace. @givenchy @miumiu
  • Pastels and futuristic shapes can be fun, fairytale looks for outdoor activities in spring @loewe
  • Sleek black diversified onesies and 90s feels are it @SaintLaurent

Givenchy Goddess

Givenchy killed it. They mixed everything from the new workwear trend, to incorporating the ruffles at Paris Fashion Week, lace and pastels in for spring.

Miu Miu Micro Mini

Miu Miu is bringing mini skirts back and as a mini skirt lover myself, I’m here for it.

Loewe Freaky Fairytale

I truly would love to own all of these Loewe pieces in every color. It’s 2022 tinker-bell.

Loewe Lax

What I love about these pieces is the modern muslim hijabi can build off this Loewe look. Switch the shoulder-less top to a long-sleeve top and bam.

Saint Laurent Stays Sleek

As most designers steer towards pastels and brights for spring, Saint Laurent stays simple but with a twist (literally). They mixed up their signature black pieces with sheer, cutouts, classic boxy blazers and vests. It’s all giving me major modern retro vibes.

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