It’s near that time, where everyone starts deciding which path they’re wanting to head north on forever. It’s almost utterly impossible to choose, whether the paths are chock-full of rose gold pebbles headed to the fast lane or just grassy paths abundant with daisies headed to sweet simplicity. Graduation is one year away and yet I have absolutely no idea where I’m headed. How do you go from spending the past 22 years of your life mastering quizlet and chegg to being thrown out into the real world. I might “know” what job to pursue but to think of it as life-long commitment reminds me of the never ending story. But the closer I get to that graduation date, the more motivated I become. We all have one life to live and when it comes to occupational goals, we either push ourselves to the limits or die trying (of fatigue). I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, except I’ve upgraded from hello kitty notebooks to my very own blog. Kids have dreams like being a doctor or a veterinarian and it all usually fades away by the time college comes around. I’ve had dreams of becoming an editor of some sort (vogue) or writing my own novel my whole life and next May, I finally start my own path. Not very many people can pursue what they love and I’m very blessed to be able to do so. I want to build a mentality where if my path takes me to New York City, Great! But if I end up in North Dakota, even greater. I’m somewhat pessimistic and in what lifetime do pessimists get anywhere. The whole cliché term of growing up makes you care less of what people think (I never believed it because I would always care what the cute barista would think of me on my sleepy makeup-less mornings) is actually true. Yes, shocker. But it’s not a magic wand where you completely stop caring about what anyone has to say, it’s more of a developed understanding on what’s truly important to you. All that short-term negativity stops when you don’t address them anymore. The motto is like drink a latté and move on and if you need some retail therapy and a soul cycle class, go crazy! Of course we’re not all perfect and things are gonna get to us but it’s how we handle it that’s going to change the outcome. My rule of thumb is to kill it with kindness. You might feel weak but that lasts only about an hour. The empowerment afterward lasts a lifetime. You think you have good character than a little situation makes you think otherwise, growing up is a never ending process. The biggest step is when you hop your little self into the real world. Like do I really have to say bye to sipping Keurig coffees huddled in a hoodie zoning out my professors? Or library study seshes w/ the girls or more likely online shopping seshes? I guess I do, I’ll just have to say hi to starbucks coffee runs (in kitten heels hopefully) and working around the clock. No 9-5s for me because how do you become a vogue editor otherwise? No worries, I’ll make sure to have sunday funday brunches and oh so much more.

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