Sorry, Can’t. I’m “Finding Myself”

I’ve probably said this at least 101 times in my lifetime and I never truly understood the meaning. It sounds self-explanatory but is it really as blunt as it sounds. Does finding yourself mean getting your life together in terms of schooling, career choice, and future decisions. Maybe it’s recognizing morals and life choices you want to start abiding by. Or is it more finding your own personal self-worth and realizing who you are? And if that’s so, why is it that you have to lose yourself to find yourself? The answers are probably as endless as the questions itself. I might be the only one who tosses this phrase around whenever I want an out, an easy and effortless way.

I’m living an unfavorable and colorless life? “I’m gonna go find myself.” Blah Blah Blah? “Sorry, Can’t. I’m Finding Myself”. It’s my personal phrase scapegoat.

This phrase came to be such a thing. Even if we do believe we’re finding ourselves, We assume for a tiny period of time if we try new things, look at new perspectives and live life differently; It’ll reprogram our whole brain. We believe we’ll find ourselves doing things and acting a certain way we feel is appropriate for us. At the end of it all, we still come up empty-handed. The real question is, How do you actually find yourself? I don’t think there’s one definite answer that’s set in stone. It all depends on the eyes of the beholder. For me, I’m obviously lost in the world of the meaning but after truly pondering on the idea, I have my own assumptions.

Finding Yourself Meaning #2975

You don’t have to lose yourself to find yourself but I personally wouldn’t care to explore my soul unless something makes me drastically rethink. You have to be in terms of who you are now and accept it. You might not adore all your traits but it’s you. Let go of your inner ego/critic. In addition to your inner ego/critic, let go of negative vibes that take the form of people. Finding yourself isn’t a one-man show. Valuing family and friends is huge. By connecting with loved ones with the traits you practice, it’s you. Whether through anger, compassion, happiness and/or excitement. Family is forever and friends are selected exclusively by you. You choose the friends you relate to but to me, friends don’t define who you are. Cherish family and friends, they’re meaningful lifelong relationships that feed the soul. You have to think about what you want out of this short, sweet life. Basically, what’s your life worth? To you. What do you truly want over all the other distractions? Losing focus on goals is a no. Vice Versa, living life on repeat is a bore. Being 80 years old on a rocking chair, I want to be proud of not just my life achievements but also on the memories. Live extravagant and wild. Live with drive and determination. Live effortless and simplistic. Live generously and respectfully. You take many forms, don’t limit yourself to one.

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