• Quarter-tine century life crisis

    farahqutub March 24, 2020

    Picture this: It’s 2020. You just turned 25 while a virus called COVID-19 has ordered a quarantine for the entire nation. You’re on lockdown with a handful of new wonderful, friends that you’ve been blessed to mesh with. Just making 1001 TikToks and decorating COVID-25 tees. The clock hits 12 and for once you’re not distracted by blasted, overplayed music remixes that you dance insanely to anyway. Or even city…

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  • Making My Muse

    farahqutub December 13, 2019

    Have you ever been guilty of consistently keeping yourself busy so you wouldn’t have to be alone with your thoughts for 15+ minutes? Whether that’s dealing with small talk in social circles, activities that don’t require any mental willpower, jumping from relationship to relationship and never just being content with oneself. People will say “Get a hobby“, “Hang out with your friends“, “Learn to be happy alone“, “Build Yourself,” as…

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  • Ramadan Reflection: Holy Month of Muses

    farahqutub May 12, 2019

    It’s the holy month of Ramadan and for those of you who don’t know. it’s a month of purity, getting closer to God and being the best version of yourself for Muslims all around the globe. You practice self -restraint in order to feel the suffering of the less fortunate and let me tell you, you suffer. You think about a lot of things when you’re dealing with exhaustion, dehydration,…

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  • Fly Assumption Airlines

    farahqutub February 18, 2019

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Assumption Airlines. My name is Farah Qutub and I’ll be your flight attendant. I hope you all have your assumptions stowed away; All you need is incomplete information about a situation, an unwillingness to ask the questions you need to complete the information, and with that absence of complete information, you get to just fill in the blanks yourself!  Fasten your seat belts.…

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  • You’re “expired”

    farahqutub December 25, 2017

    Dream: As a young girl, I’ve always dreamt of the fairytale wedding and being married to the man of my dreams by 25. The man would have green eyes, nothing below 6’1 and look like a walking Ken doll. The wedding would be filled with gardenias and loved ones, taking place in a castle (yes, Kensington style) and my dress would be straight off the Vera Wang runway.  I would…

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  • Let’s talk commitment issues

    farahqutub October 11, 2017

    We’ve all been through a stage in our life where we can’t commit to anything or anyone. Some longer than others and that’s okay. Our generation looks at commitment issues as such a negative term. It’s like taboo, basically. Yes, we get it. We’re heartless We don’t care about anyone but ourselves We avoid everything at all costs when it gets too real We don’t know what we want and…

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