Never would I ever expect to eat Ghengis at 4am in the morning but hey, I’m traveling. Have you ever noticed whenever we travel we never question our actions because hello, we’re on vacation?! No quest bar and iced coffee this morning, I’m definitely living life on the edge. Somebody is plopped right next to me watching season 3 of narcos on a 5s, that’s determination. I’m heading to San Francisco to visit my best friend since birth because she graduated from UCDavis. *pops confetti* I am beyond proud of her, it’s so weird to think we were sucking our thumbs together to sucking for not being together. The same little Biology major who convinced me to move back to Dallas and pursue journalism because she knew it was my passion. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. The crisp breeze, the atmosphere, Boudin’s Clam Chowder and of course the beaches. Let’s not forget the mini sugared donuts on the pier. If Paris wasn’t the city of love, I’d assume San Francisco was. Okay, maybe not fully but that’s how in love with it I am. Usually, when I travel I’m drowning in schoolwork and am always on edge. Right now, I’m free of all worries. I’m sick of worrying about things like homework, obviously I’m still trying to get a degree but doesn’t mean I can’t put it aside to truly enjoy these milestones. I’m running on an hour of sleep and I feel like when you start to get delirious you start to think of every living thing. I’m really starting to wonder why I have so many negative feels all the time. Life is too good to feel down.

“I’m bloated and this guy didn’t text me back,” and all of a sudden I’m annoyed with myself. I swear I watched too much of the OC and gossip girl and accustomed myself to think a guy is what makes you feel worthy.

Well news flash farah, it’s not. It never will be. Guys come and go but achievements and morals will always stay. That’s something that is growing on me with time. At the end of the day, none of the little things matter. The little gossip about how you’re this and that, the assumptions people base on you and the way people don’t assume you’re good enough. Society says we should change the way we treat people and I would normally agree. But how else would we push ourselves to the limit if we didn’t have hatred backing us up every step of the way. The wrong way to do so is comparing yourself to others. When I say that drives you down a deep dark hole, it does. Only compare yourself to your standards and not to anybody else’s. If you’re proud of yourself, who cares what ANYBODY thinks. I’m seriously on that whole “I don’t care what you say” trend. Except if you’re important to me telling me something important obviously.

It’s a new day and a new me. This San Francisco Limbo has put a spell on me. That’s enough rambling for now, off to get hazelnut coffee before I pass out mid-pier walk.

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